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About CodiProji

CodiProji is a non-profit, one-woman organization. My goal is to teach young students about the most important aspect of our world today: coding.

The CodiProji class has personalized and thoroughly thought-out lesson plans, designed to help students understand what code is all about and how we could use it. I utilize different popular websites that are used to teach computer programming to help reinforce what I teach.

About the Founder

Hello, my name is --, and I am the founder of CodiProji. When I look at social media, I see how much technology has changed my world and everybody's lifestyles. The technology we have today allows entirely new forms of communication and entertainment. However, in the AV, not many people really know how to code. Code is very important to know because it's what tells all of the technology around us to do what they need to do. Therefore, it's important that younger generations can learn this life skill so they can understand, and even manipulate, the world around them.


CodiProji exists only in two locations, both in Palmdale, as of right now: Ocotillo Elementary School and IDEA Academy

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